Why watching Game of Thrones videos during practicals is a bad idea

     PICTure this: You’re done with your Mechanical practicals in record time but you’re still forced to sit through the entire duration of the practical and wait till the entire class finishes. There’s not much you could do in a dull lab to pass time. Your hand innocently slips into the pocket to pull out your phone. You think its a bad idea? Well to me it seemed like a good one at the time!

      I looked across the lab at the teacher’s desk. He was busy clicking on his computer with an expression that only a guy who missed out on a ₹1 deal by a second on The Big Billion Day can have. The phone was out by now and it didn’t take long for me and my Game of Thrones infatuated friends to huddle up and open YouTube to watch videos about fan theories, magical swords, bloodthirsty warriors, flying dragons, vengeful plotters, mad kings and incest bred kids.

     We were right in the middle of our fifth video when we realised the teacher standing next to us and watching it with equal interest. The huddle broke up, everyone dispersed to their respective seats. I was left to deal with the devil. I still had my phone in my hand and for reasons unknown a GoT musical video featuring Coldplay was still playing on it. Khaleesi was grooving to the song composed by Chris Martin while I was getting berated in front of my batchmates. He snatched my phone, switched it off, sealed it and wrote my name and roll number on it right before he locked it in his personal locker. Trying to woo him proved unfruitful and my phone got confiscated and I ended up in the HoDs office (not for the first time).

     I’ve now learned it the hard way that watching YouTube videos for passing time during your practicals can have serious consequences. I’m trying hard to get my phone back.

        Lessons learned, moving on!

P.S. PICT, Pune is a greeeeat college. And I just loooooove my teachers.


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