The Longing

          Strange things have happened since I left home for college. Things I wouldn’t have experienced unless I left my small world- Nashik, in search of a bigger and more adventurous world- Pune. I’ve met many courteous people and a few who were not. I must say that I’ve learnt more things this past few months away from home than I’ve in my entire life.
          The sense of independence you get from staying away from home, the burden of responsibilities, the pressure of studies, assignments, submissions and the need to take care of yourself really teaches a lot.
          Life here is certainly less monotonous compared to home. New adventures await each day. I enjoy the company of new friends, getting to know them, discovering new places, visiting unknown cafes and sports bars, playing football and embracing new hobbies; but something seems to be missing. I enjoy myself to the fullest but there is no real sense of satisfaction attached to it.
          Before leaving home, I never thought I would miss the place so much. I never thought I would miss my city, family, friends quite this much. I always wanted to fly out of the nest, spread my wings and soar higher than anyone I have ever known. But every now and then I miss the things that made home so special. Mom’s cooking, friends coming over for gaming afternoons, movie nights at friend’s house, bunking classes for playing football, dropping funniest one-liners at awkward moments; all the little things.
          There are moments when the longing is too much to take in. The memories flash by me and I feel nostalgic. I’m crushed by them. The memories no matter how good or bad still manage to cast an unusual spell over me.
          I must admit that I miss those days I spent with my childhood friends. Those days will always be the best days of my life. I miss those days and I miss my squad. My friends still remain the most integral part of my life. They are the coolest people in this world and even though we are now in different parts of the country we stay connected via one social network or the other. I’m aching to get together with the group so that we can do weird things and have a laugh about it later.
          A part of me stayed back in Nashik. The city just has that peculiar pull. A man can never forget his roots. No matter what I achieve in the coming years I’ll always be proud of where I come from and never forget the people I grew up with.
P.S. Looking forward to going home next week. Meet you soon SPARTANS!

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  1. Pranoy... says:

    This is just so true


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